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stereofeathers asked:

thank you for your kind words on the weight shaming post, i was terribly worried that id be yelled at or anon attacked because of it. i am at a semi-healthy weight now, thanks, but i still have to put a lot of effort into staying there. so thank you, friend.

Of course. I’m here to help and/or give advice. As well bullying has been a part of my life so I find bullying over anything rude and highly uncalled for. I also believe in the philosophy of “if you stand alone, at least you’re standing for what you believe in” and “if you stand others will stand with you” so I stand for you in that you have your problems and it’s not easy for people that have weight issues or well any issue for that matter.

Stay strong and do as you do. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you want to do and keep at it you pertty mufackra

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